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Full Projects


This is a board game designed by me.

Battery Box V1

A box to hold the batterys from a laptop. Other hardware required.

Lithowindow V3

This is to house 4 lithophanes in a box.

Magic Mirror Frame

A Magic Mirror frame I designed.

3D Models

Wall Mountable Cable Holder

This is a wall mountable cable holder that clicks together with hidden screw hole.

Plug for Stretched Ears

A plug for Stretched Ears I think its around 0.5 CM.

Vive Controller Wall Hanger

I made this for holding the standard original controllers for a vive on a wall.

Shelf Nubbin

Its one of those things that holds the shelf. It's plastic so dont put too much on it.

Miniature Copper Kettle

Made a mini kettle for a dolls house type thing.

Nath042 Logo

my own logo, print it if you want.. Send me a pic if you do.


my own Website.

Purple Moon Melts

A online shop that sells waxmelts, now defunct.

Bucket Quest

A website WIP to gamify your bucket quest list.

Another of my websites, for making websites.


Coming soon

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