Vigor Quest (Project One)


Started as a small project by me (Nathan Jenkins a.k.a Nath042) Project 1 is a game where you play as a team of heroes, against a battlemaster (4V1).

The aim of the game is to get your heroes from the start point to the end, defeating the enemies on the way, roleplaying your characters. The whole game will be customizable and 3D printable with cards and characters.

So this is my first time doing something like this, I thought we need one page to collect all information and allow distribution of information to the different areas. Whilst also allowing you to get the basics to start the game as soon as possible. So here we are, enjoy!


In this project, I hope to create a high-quality tabletop game which you can print, play, paint and enjoy with friends. The mission is to have fun! Eventually, I would like to be able to sell pre-made or pre-painted figurines, that can come to you at high quality, as we expect our models to be. I am hoping to create in-depth stories and quests for you and your friends to embark on and manage. I would like to keep it all up to date via this page, if you are after updates, you can sign up to our mailing list! I am after high-quality members to join us in this endeavor, to display a similar passion and enjoyment in this industry and to be able to act on and alongside me create something magical and fun for others to play!

Oh and did I mention, the whole game will be available online, for FREE?!