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Hello All, this time I write to show you something pretty awesome, I have been featured on the Komacut Blog here. Go and check it out, let me know your thoughts and opinions. The post entitled “26 3D Printing Experts Reveal Their Best Actionable Tip” I believe I have been featured on a list before and I would have posted on here about it, if you want to find that it would be in the Articles>Blog section at the top of this page, that’s where most of my achievement or personal posts will go (this one included).

Anyway its nice to see something like this I don’t always get the chance to talk so freely and openly about everything that is going on, but trying to get my videos noticed is very difficult, more so then I expected. I have tried very hard over these past few years to passively get my channel is seen by more and more people, this year, there has been very low amounts of actual growth, but I have seen views and watch time go up huge amounts. Its strange. It feels like the subscriber’s button isn’t as important anymore but, unmistakably it is still what most people get rated on when you think of a YouTuber. And with all that has been happening with youtube over the past year or so, a lot of changes, it has been an interesting ride.

But anyway I just wanted to post about this its really nice when you get noticed and when things start to come together, I think that even though this year may not be a great year for subscriber growth, it probably will be for views and numbers due to the more interesting thumbnails, titles and meta tags. It’s VERY difficult to get anything correct with all of that to think about. I sometimes feel like I don’t have enough time in the week to get everything perfect.

The biggest struggle that I have at the moment is getting eyes to the videos. Even after mentioning that I have had an increase in views and watch time, it’s difficult because in order to do this I need to push social media very hard. Maybe a focus on stronger audiences on the social pages is what I need.

If anyone out there is a social media or marketing guru and would like to help out, then do not be afraid to get in touch. There should be plenty of areas on this page that have my email address, if not you can send a direct message on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter and I will get back to you!

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