My Mods to the Anet A8 – WHAT YOU NEED! | #3DPRINTING

My Mods to the Anet A8

In this episode, I show you my mods to the Anet A8. We talk about the absolute mods you require when you are getting an Anet A8. What you should have and also some small extras that are just very useful.

In our 3DPRINTING series, we create videos regarding 3D printing. These videos are here specifically to help the basic, intermediate or even Advanced user improve their 3D printing. If you are into 3D printing this series is aimed towards you. We are hoping to teach, learn, experiment and review. This means getting new printers to try and review, along with filament. Also to bring about new ways in which to do things such as bed levelling, modelling and small tips and tricks that can make a huge difference in the way that you print.

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