OLDModeling a Rock for Vigor Quest in SKETCHUP – Can you do it better? | #3DPRINTED

Modelling A Rock in Sketchup For Vigor Quest

In this video I model a rock for my tabletop game Vigor Quest, please check the links here to find more information on Vigor Quest.


Check out the video to see how it was done.  The rock that I did do, was not very good so anyone else is welcome to try this too! Please leave a comment on this post or in the video.

When using SketchUp it seems very easy to make primitive shapes and objects. It is not really the tool to make this style of the object. This most likely would be better created inside Blender, a program that I have not actually tried using before. Maybe in the future maybe I will try using this software, it does have appealing features which would potentially be good for character creation or morphing items.


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