Audio Technica ATR3350 Lavalier Review

You most likely think that this is going to be a hugely positive review, following on from the video below. But after purchasing the Audio Technica ATR3350 and testing it out fully, I started to understand a bit clearer why it was so inexpensive. Have any of you had similar issues with this microphone? Please do let me know in the comments below what your experience was with these, and share it to make more people aware!


Sure the microphone—when used correctly—is of good quality. It is of good price, very competitive with other similar microphones in the market. But since I purchased the Audio Technica ATR3350, I didn’t like using it. “Why is it when you are getting better audio quality, do you not like using the Audio Technica ATR3350?” You might ask. Well I will tell you.

I did enjoy it, the first few times. I didn’t notice that there was anything bad with the microphone. But as I started needing to crank the volume up to be able to hear me—I also heard something else—something damaging. I mean sure, you can use Audacity to remove noises from audio, but this noise was too much even for that. I tried to do this however for a lot of my 3D printer videos after purchase, to only notice that it was making the audio EVEN WORSE. This was because it was cutting such a range of audio with the hiss that parts of my voice were in the range! So I converted to using my PC and recording the audio and video separately. Something that made the purchase of the microphone completely pointless!

In conclusion, it was annoying to have to turn it on, which I did forget to do on some occasions. This resulted in me having to re-create entire episodes of 3D print magazine. And although it seemed like a good idea at the start, I take that back now.

I have since purchased a different lavalier microphone the JK Mic-J 044, this works better. It also doesn’t require switch on and can also create near hiss-less noise. Good enough for me, its just a shame the cord length is so short!

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