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ABS Talk

In this video, we have an ABS talk and we try to work out, is it better? From my own personal experience it seems that ABS is a much more awkward material to print with, however, it does have the benefits of being able to smooth it very easily.

The ABS Smoothing tools available seem to work very well, however, the materials they use can be quite hazardous. Because of this, it’s not recommended for beginners. On the contrary PLA prints easy, PLA can also be printed directly to a low-temperature bed. PLA very minimal warping and can also be printed at a lower temperature. Also, ABS requiring heats of up to 240 degrees, can take a lot longer to heat up, can be slightly unstable without an enclosure and also requires a heated bed at around 90 degrees. This also means it would use a lot more power too to print.
PLA is good in the other sense that it would be much easier to print, you can use a cooling fan to help try and get higher detail prints, you can also print it at temperatures of around 180 degrees, this is very low in comparison. This means it will use less power, as well as it not requiring a heated bed (although one is recommended). So far there are not any PLA smoothing techniques, but I can imagine it will not be too long until one is ready.
PLA is biodegradable and made from sustainable materials, whereas ABS is made from petroleum-based materials. Both are recyclable.

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