3D Printing Services

Hello and Welcome! I am happy to announce that I will be starting up something called 3D Printing Services. It’s currently a WIP and will be around a bit better when I have settled with the printer and everything else, SO WATCH THIS SPACE!



Upon realizing that we can 3D print things we found that a lot of people can do with our services, small companies and individuals requiring CUSTOM 3D printed parts could benefit from our low costs and ability to personalize objects to their needs. Take a look below for more information.



Check below for a few pictures of what we have done so far!


About Us

Currently it is just Nath042 working on an idea. Further help and assistance is required and may be needed even more in the future so don’t forget to check back! We are always looking for ways to innovate and expand!

Not only do we print, but we also have a full length video series of how the 3d printer was build. Reassurance that the 3D printer is of the highest quality. We also have plans to expand with more printers!

For now this page is on my own personal “YouTuber” page. However in the future it may be a viable business idea that will require its own page.


What to Print?


So you have now heard all about our services, our startup and what we would like to do, what can you get printed? Well there are huge libraries of FREE printable things on the internet that I will link to below. You can pick almost any item from there and ask for a quote!


Treasure Island

Autodesks 123D


Design Services

Use the contact area below to contact us about our design services! If you require custom created content then it can be done!


Types of Things to Print

Many people from many walks of life require small objects, either for themselves or to sell. Listed below are a few things that we can help with:

All of the above can be completed and can be customized to your needs!



For a friendly chat, a quote, or information regarding a print, please email the below address:


Alternatively, find us via 3D Hubs and get a print from there!

Order a 3D Print