3D Printing and Design Services

On this page we will speak a little bit about our 3D Printing and Design Services.


For a friendly chat, a quote, or information regarding a print, please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in my 3D Printing and Design services.

What We Offer

We can offer Small and Medium Businesses(SME) and individuals requiring customised 3D printable parts we can also offer low prices for printing them! Listed below are a few things that we can help with:

What We Use

Currently we have two 3D printers, a Prusa i3 Mk3 and a Eaglemoss Vector 3. The Vector 3 is currently out of operation and we are looking to source a SLA 3D printer to deal with clients finer detail requirements. Software wise we use multiple software depending on the requirements, if it is a simple design we can use TinkerCAD, if its a more intricate design we can use Sketchup or Fusion 360.

What to Print?


If you have found something already that you want printed then you can send it over to us! If not you can take a look on the free 3D libraries below and find something:






Design Services

Use the contact area above to contact us about our design services! If you require custom created content then it can be done!


See below some things that i have made or modified myself for print.

Torch Holder

This image shows a Torch Holder, custom made for a local company and fresh on the print bed.









Vigor Quest

This image shows some parts I have made for my own 3d Printable tabletop game. More information can be found here.







N Logo

Below you can see some custom made N Logos by me for me.







Customised Lid for a Dice Pot

I added my logo onto a Dungeons and Dragons dice pot that I found online to give it that personalised touch.